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Coaching your team for online business success.

Whether interested in SEO or SEM in general, Annex Media can not only develop and execute plans for you, we can provide coaching to your internal team. Our consulting services help businesses achieve online marketing self-sufficiency…and you choose the level of support you require along the way.

Even offline businesses need to consider online implications. Why? Because most shoppers today want information even before they bother walking into your store. So what will they find online about you, your products or services? You can’t afford to say nothing. Whether you’re planning to develop full online eCommerce capabilities or simply want consumers to be able to find you – Annex Media will help you formulate the right approach – the first time.


Your internet marketing questions answered.

Search engine algorithms are always changing, and without staying current, you’ll be left behind – with poor search result rankings and website visibility. Keep current by signing up for our newsletter where we’ll deliver you articles and tips that are current and up to speed. From Annex Media, you’ll only get timely, relevant and useful information – not spam.