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Annex Media provides needs-based marketing solutions

Whether it’s optimizing your copy for a press release or an article for syndication, putting together a sales brochure, or providing coaching to your marketing resources, Annex Media can provide cost effective services that help companies focus on running their business.


Added Marketing Services

Press Releases & Article Copywriting
Do you want the benefit of releasing important news about your company to prospective customers? Do you want to boost your website’s visibility among the search engines? Syndicating press and news articles is an excellent way to build not only credibility for your enterprise, but to gain valuable inbound links that raise search engine popularity of your site. Place information and news online that will drive targeted traffic to your site today. Annex Media will do it for you, or show you how. (pssst, many press release and article submission sites are free!).

Newsletter Creation/Optimization
What makes a good e-Newsletter? Who will you send it to? When should you send it and how often? What does “opt in or out” mean and why does it matter? Why should by e-Newsletter be optimized? There’s more to good email marketing than sending out an email. Annex Media can create or provide coaching on creating simple but effective newsletters that cost-effectively improve awareness and/or sales of your information, products or services!

Optimized Product/Service Descriptions
In ecommerce, just as important as the product you’re selling online is how it is presented. A poorly photographed or described item can kill sales of even the best products. Annex Media’s services include optimized service or product descriptions. Having optimized descriptions helps products appear for web searches seeking products like yours. Do your product pages contain adequate content and copy? Let Annex Media create or provide coaching on promoting your products most effectively online to maximize exposure and sales.

Promotional print or electronic material concepts & designs
Whether you’re promoting a new product, a new facility, or re-positioning an existing product or service print advertising still can be a strong piece to your marketing campaign. Witha a strong focus on design and clear messaging, Annex Media can create custom designed brochures, letters, and other promotional or information communications to suit your needs.

SME Business Strategy & Planning Consulting
With big business experience and clients, but the realization that small and mid sized enterprises (SME’s) require support and coaching in the areas of business and marketing planning, Annex Media can help. Whether you’re an entrepreneur putting together a business plan to satisfy potential investors or lenders, or a business owner wanting to set out a new or improved coarse for your business or unit – Annex Media can assist in putting together plans that will help bring focus to future possibilities.

Staff – Employee SEM training
You realize the power of the internet, you have a great team, yet your budget for hiring additional marketing staff is non-existent. Registering existing staff or “multi-taskers” for general online marketing training can not only be expensive but take valuable resources away from your office. Let Annex Media provide customized training customized to suit your business neeeds and your people. Would you rather send staff on a 2-day class course on “the basics” of search engine marketing or have a consultant work directly with them coaching them on the exact steps for setting up campaigns that make sense for your business in the same time frame?

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