Strategy & Keyword Discovery

Strategic Activities

  • Reviewing business & marketing strategy
  • Discovery of key search terms
  • Establish constraints, opportunities
  • Focus resources for maximum return
  • Analyze competitors, seasonality, etc.
  • Set a strategic online markeitng plan

Establishing Online Marketing Strategy

It is necessary to set a strategic course prior to jumping into SEM (paid search marketing and SEO marketing activities). What do you realistically hope to achieve, by when, and how will you get there? Who are the highest value targets, and what budget and resources are available to reach them? Setting strategy takes little if any cost but does require some upfront thinking and understanding to ensure your marketing effort starts, and stays, on track.

Internet Marketing Strategy Formulation

Planning is necessary, but not an obstacle when it comes to establishing your internet marketing approach. Annex Media can help you think through a sound internet marketing strategy that suits your needs. We can help you quickly and cost-effectively to ensure you…

Align marketing plan with business plans – an initial review will make clear how your internet marketing plans fit in with your overal business objectives.

Conduct Research – discover and analyze the key words and key phrases that searchers use to find the products and services you offer.

Review Competitors – identify keywords competitors might be utilizing and “what they’re doing”.

Consider Seasonality – analyze the seasonality of internet search behavior (if any) related to your offerings.

Identify Resources – outlining internal capabilities and marketing budgets to help maintain focus and set realistic targets.

Set an Internet Marketing Plan – guided by fact based marketing research an “executable” plan will best leverage your resources and best use new knowledge.

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