Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

This privacy policy sets out Annex Media’s current policies and practices related to the gathering, use and dissemination of user information. All information contained herein is as stated at time of updating. Annex Media retains the right to update, change, and alter this policy at its sole discretion and in accordance with applicable laws. Any such changes shall be updated and posted here to provide the latest information.

Annex Media collects automatically generated and user provided information of Annex Media’s website visitors including email addresses, domain names, IP addresses and other technical and aggregated information that is user-specific.

Any information voluntarily provided by users is utilized to improve the usability, content and visitor experience of the website and Annex Media’s services. Volunteered user information is not sold or otherwise disclosed to outside parties or advertisers without expressed prior permission of the user.

Communications and/or materials such as visitor/user provided feedback, suggestions, comments, questions, files or other data are considered non-proprietary. Annex Media may use this information at it’s discretion without violating the user’s rights (including moral rights, credit rights, idea rights or other rights) and may be adapted, broadcasted, posted/published, or otherwise shared, transmitted or sold by Annex Media internationally regardless of medium. In submitting information of the aforementioned kind, the user thereby consents to its use.

At all times Annex Media shall respect any user’s wish to terminate contact and communications. Users and visitors retain the full right to not be contacted by Annex Media, and as such shall not supply any information to Annex Media it wishes not to be used, and shall inform Annex Media of it’s desire to not be contacted or solicited. Users may at any time opt-out of any and all communications sent by Annex Media. Any user may contact Annex Media directly via the “contact us” page of this website or directly at to inform Annex Media they wish to terminate communication or to object to any use of user’s information.

Updated: September 2013.



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Any references made to other websites, businesses, partners or links are provided as a matter of convenience, and shall not constitute an endorsement of other products or services, nor is Annex Media responsible for information provided, attained or otherwise used from those sources. The policies and terms of third parties, in particular as they relate to user privacy and security, are neither endorsed nor recognized by Annex Media and may differ significantly from those of Annex Media. Users should use due caution in the exchange of any information with third party sites.

Limitation of Liability & Indemnification
Annex Marketing nor its affiliates, partners, ownership, directors, employees shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever irrespective of whether the potential of such damages were previously communicated. This includes freedom from liability from direct/indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages.

Limitation of liability shall be as outlined above or except where otherwise limited by law, in which case Annex Media’s liability shall be limited to the greatest extent the law permits.

You agree to indemnify and hold Annex Media’s partners, affiliates, ownership, directors, employees harmless from any claim including legal fees, made by a third party due to or arising out of use of your site. Annex Media shall not be responsible and held harmless from any negligence, tort or activity connected to the performance, use or inability to use services, content, features, and materials and information made available from this site, the internet in general, or user’s site.

The terms and conditions set out here forth are governed by the Province of Ontario. Any claims made or disputes arising between you and Annex Media shall be resolved in good faith or otherwise submitted for arbitration in Ontario in accordance with the laws in effect at such time.