SEO Organic Traffic

Benefits & Features of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of website optimization involves initial and ongoing component activities. Unlike PPC, SEO requires upfront work that will reap long term benefits over time, and must be viewed as an essential marketing investment rather than expense. The payoff in this investment often proves invaluable. Once your website begins to rank on page one of Google and other search engines, its not uncommon for visitors, sales (or whatever goal conversions you seek), to increase exponentially. What’s more, visitors place greater value and tend to click more frequently on natural search results versus paid advertising as it lends greater credibility to your site and business. Best of all, clicks on your natural ranking results (SERPs) are “free” and not charged on a per click basis. Any online focused enterprise shouldn’t underestimate the importance and value of legitimately pursuing strong organic search engine results.

SEO can be divided into “onsite” and “offsite” optimization and both represent critical components. You can completely control on site optimization by “why you do” to your site. You can strongly influence offsite visibility by seeking and gaining inbound links and creating offsite news (via press releases, articles, directory listings, blogs, etc). Ongoing monitoring, measurement and SEO tuning are essential for continually maintaining and improving your web visibility.

Search Engine Optimization Implementation Approach

Annex will conduct initial and ongoing SEO analysis review and execution of tactical changes to ensure alignment with SEO principles and business/website objectives. Includes refinement of technical design features & page tuning utilizing legitimate, proven techniques (no cheating or “black hat” techniques that may result in penalization or search engine bans), including creation and review of:

Site tags – Title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, alt image tags.

Content – keyword, image, and copy quality.

Internal linking structure – internal keyword linkages, particularly of important keyword text, that contributes to “PageRank” calculation.

Site Map Audit – in accordance with Google standards ensures spiders automatically crawling the site index all important pages.

Search Engine Submissions – ensures that the major search engines (and their partners) are indexing the web site pages rendering them available for search results.

External Link Development/Building – Gaining relevant and high quality inbound site links, particularly from key customer segments and relevant industry sites. This boosts both client visibility and “PageRank”, thereby promoting the web site’s ‘authoritative site’ status and contributing to top organic search results.

Market Directory Submissions – to relevant, high value market segment or geographic directories.

Content Development – ensuring content/copy is optimized, including keyword richness, keyword density, content structure, and internal links incorporated into core web pages.

Optimized Online Press Releases & Articles – circulating client press, news and information to both lend credibility to your business and website, and create inbound links valued and rewarded by search engines.

Ongoing SEO Analysis & Reporting – To gauge effectiveness and performance results that continuously drive improved natural search engine results and organic web visibility.

By undertaking these SEO activities prominent natural/organic search result placements will be gained over time. Never will Annex Media Marketing employ “black hat” techniques designed to cheat/fool search engines that result in search engine penalties or bans.

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