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May 2009

Summary: A recent workshop sponsored by the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC) featuring guest speaker Carm Maesano, Managing Partner at Annex Media Marketing, Inc. has spawned a soon to be released three part internet search engine marketing article series covering key aspects of SEO and PPC marketing. The series takes real world questions from business owners in attendance, typical of most business leaders unfamiliar with the power and precision of online marketing, and breaks it down into focused components.

A recent workshop held at the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre in Mississauga, Ontario titled “Internet Marketing, Growing Your Business” was well attended by current and prospective business owners. The workshop featured guest speaker Carm Maesano, Managing Partner of Annex Media Marketing, Inc, and provided a primer on the world of search engine marketing.

The internet marketing workshop, focusing specifically on search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine pay-per-click marketing (PPC, Google AdWords) was an opportunity for business leaders gain an introductory overview to search marketing and ask questions relevant to their needs.

“In two hours, we covered many important facets of internet marketing — but business owners were hungry for more as they caught onto the power of internet channel and what it could do for their business.” said Maesano. At the core of the presentation were two recurring themes; including the importance of preliminary “discovery” research and the “chain of relevance”.

“A light clicked on when it became clear that PPC marketing doesn’t have to be a bidding contest for ad placement, but a useful advertising medium that once targeted very precisely, can return tremendous ROI.” Maesano said. “On the SEO side, misconceptions on how to boost website rankings were clarified and quick improvement tips were provided.” Maesano added.

Based on the questions asked during the session, it became clear that many business owners considering search marketing, particularly SME’s, would benefit from a similar discussion. With real world questions in hand, Maesano has undertaken writing of an article series covering the main components of search engine marketing ideal for business and marketing leaders new to online marketing.

The series, titled “SEO and PPC Internet Marketing: Differences, Similarities and the Role of Research” will be completed shortly with “Part 1: Pay per Click Marketing” set for release next week. Part 2 will focus on the basics of SEO while Part 3 will delve into the importance of research and “keyword discovery”.

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