Tip off – we need to look where we’re tipping to. Also, see how they have 2 in position to attack us with only 1 of our defenders back. Why were we not matched up? Also, after their missed layup we MUST box/rebound? (no watching, we should be ready/hungry for the missed shot)


Gambling on D  – leaving your man to help when it wasn’t needed.  Rachel was in good defensive position. Ema came to help but didn’t need to. If the dribbler had her eyes up (which we should) she would have found her teammate wide open in scoring position.

Passing – Like the early pass from Chiara and Elle doing good job getting open. Should look to kick out (Elle to Lilah) and cut/clear rather than try tough shot on double coverage.


Defense. Ella on D (good). Ema overplays her man outside 3 point line rather than holding help D position then continues and Ema leaves her man entirely for open basket (not needed, Ella was on her man)

Box Inbound – good read Chiara/Ema for open shot (they sat on it). Other side, Lilah use the screen and go hard to the block (distracts D even if you don’t get the pass…and can rebound).


Offence – 3 Passes & No Cuts but good swinging of ball. Finally, Rach with a great attack and decision to pivot/pass to Brooke for nice open basket.


Pass & Cut – Mia/Brooke excellent pass and cut for bucket. Great pass back to cutter. Remember to go powerfully to the basket – always.


Spacing – Remember to be opposite block. Helena has nowhere to go with Rach there. So pass back out and create space/movement.


Attack Decisions – Mia take what’s there. When it’s not there must look to pass, cut…space. Attack lanes but can’t drive on 3 defenders…if you draw that many defenders there’s open teammates.


Attack basket always.

  1. Good pass to wing. Mia should cut, Isabella to attack (straight/baseline, not loop around away). Teammates not spread on perimeter. Turnover.
  2. Again, look to attack vs dribble away. Look up for pass as option.

Awareness – See the excellent ball-man awareness by Brooke. After a steal, stay calm secure the possession. Great job.

Easy Passes First Option – Let’s make the easy passes (Chiara here to Ema or Lilah and cut) vs the skip passes, which we don’t like and mostly don’t work.

Awareness Ema excellent awareness and Lilah good read on defender to get open pass/bucket. Other side Ella be strong/explode off screen to block.


Offensive sequence.

Some of us going through the motions, but not well – no explosiveness, no hard cutting, no straight lines to the basket. No making contact against our defenders to win position. These are the first few seconds of the game. Where is the energy?
> Some not even starting in the right spot, or going to the right spot.
Let’s break down 15 seconds of basketball.
1) Rachel, go faster…make pass and you barely cut to the basket. Faster, explode to basket like you really want the ball. (Good quick pass to Chiara at top).
2) Chiara – good quick pass to Mia for ball reversal (we want the ball moving!). [Ella, at this point why are you near top and not in your spot to complete the 5 out? In the way. Remember, our first idea is ATTACK…and can only do that if we’re 5 our creating attack space/lanes].
*Chiara your cut was “good but could be great”. You started the cut immediately and while your pass was still in the air to Mia (excellent!). Make strong cut and even initiate contact to nudge your defender, be explosive and physical for more separation.
2) Mia, Chiara was actually open if you hit her with a good lead pass (bounce pass especially)…again, Chiara, you could be even more open with an awesome/physical cut.
*Brooke fills Chiara’s spot at top quickly, good.
*Rachel does not fill Brooke’s spot but just stays in corner. Why?
Mia, when receiving a pass get into triple threat (and “look”). Once Chiara cleared you may have drive opportunity. Had a big/slow defender coming to close out on you. You should be hungry to attack that. (and if Ella was really out in corner, would have dragged her defender out further).
*Note to all – know who is guarding you. Sometimes you’ll have a huge advantage. Sometimes you won’t. Recognize it.
3) Mia passes to Ella who gets in the corner (good). Mia, barely cuts and not directly to the basket (more like to sideline) – slow, not explosive. It wasn’t a face cut (went behind defender – do that only when they overplay you). Will never be in a good position to receive pass/score like this.
4) Ella – gets pass and looks (good!), beats defender clean as she closed out fast on her. Control your dribble – first dribble was higher than your head (almost stolen). Rip, low, stay low and explode TO THE basket.
5) Brooke again comes and fills Mia’s wing quickly (good!) and receives pass.
*Ella does not cut through TO THE BASKET AND OUT but drifts towards the foul line, bringing her defender right in the way of Brooke who was looking to attack.
*Rachel should already  have filled again at top. Maybe that’s why Ella drifted there as there was a hole? See how  when we don’t run the sequence it falls apart.
6) Brooke footwork was good on beating your man as you tried to attack. But, look when you get that pass. You went left into all that traffic. (Ella’s defender was there, your defender trying to recover, plus middle defender). If you look up, you would have attacked to the empty right side, which is your strong side (bonus).


Another Offensive Sequence –  No quick passes, no one cutting, no one attacking (most dribbling AWAY from basket). We did nothing until we T/O. Too easy for D.

Another – Offence. Rachel, don’t dribble to corner, Helena is there. Pass it or retreat/attack. Isabella to corner (spread D) Ema good pass, Isabella not “shot ready” (standing upright with no hands out). Would have been clean, open shot. Instead shot contested. Ends up a T/O.

Another example from later in game. This is not our offence. We’ve practiced 5 out enough for all girls on court to know their spots and motions for creating better chances. This ends with other team going down for easy layup (everyone slow getting back).


Defensive Position and Falcon!

How was Mia’s defense? Good position to force a bad shot (no need to jump, hold your ground). But…as soon as your man releases shot, you MUST box out and be first to go get the basket. She almost saved her bad shot from going out of bounds. Forcing bad shot is half the job.

Inbound on our 4-acrosss press break vs Man to Man. Girls/inbounder. We talked about a stronger football quarterback pass in practice. This pass was strong, but lucky to make it. Better teams would have picked it off.

BUT… good distance on it and Rachel received it well.  Rachel, fantastic look up to find Chiara with a perfect pass, and Chiara with a great finish! Well don!


Box out on foul shots. Mia and Rachel – neither pushed man back. Ball falls to Rachel side and their player gets rebound.


Leaving man wide, wide open.

Slow getting back in transition defense. Then on inbound, no close out on ball. Walking on defense while your man has the ball?

Offensive Sequence
Ella eyes up, quicker pass to Rach. Then Brooke on wing and cuts, clears to wrong side. Chiara forces pass to Rach (t/o). Mia get open.

Mia good rebound. Could retreat, set offence. Rachel not ready for pass, & shot too fast. Set feet, or retreat…or attack net!

Secure Ball on Rebound or Steals
Brooke…notice how fast to the ball for rebound. GOOD! Now, settle to avoid rush pass turnover.


Think Attack – Chiara. Defender gambled on inbound & you took off (good!). Accelerate thru lane with low dribble. No slowing. If help comes hit Lilah.  Isabella good ball recover.
Ema, great fake and rip to basket…could have attacked but also good pass. Helena, another good fake and go but continue that to the rim instead of a far layup shot. Want to finish at the rim!

Passing & Turnovers – Lilah good cross but eyes up for better pass -T/O. Let’s “reverse” the ball (pass to other side from which you received it). Shifts defense.


Creating Offense?

Lilah good retreat. Helena be in corner to spread D (no room Lilah). Fine pass to Ema but no cut! Ema, look to reverse ball (why dribble directly to wing towards Lilah. We’d rather you try and attach or reverse with a pass. No quality shot was created. Notice when ball on far side Isabella on other side comes in towards paint. Stay wide in your corner as it jut brings the defender in and again, takes away our spacing. Only go in to attack, cut (then get out) otherwise filling/passing perimeter. Then crash on a shot to get rebounds.

At the end Lilah really crashes boards – great! Ema went in and Helena – great. Isabella no watching or walking when shot goes up. We want the rebound – even on offence!

AWESOME! Lilah, awareness/pivoting great, low rip and direct drive to basket on defender overplaying. Notice everyone wide, created lane space! :)

GOOD! After T/O, Lilah & Chiara hustle back (Ema too!). Chiara great hands and get it back. After a T/O, we work double hard!


Get back, be alert! Baseline inbound, our 3 players still at centre. They hit open player at basket who beat all 5 of us. No excuses here.

BOX Play – poor execution. Elbows running where they want. (Ok, only if gap). Chiara, u won’t get easy pass opposite ball. Cut to middle. Hard for Ema T/O.

After T/O Must Hustle.  Helena – great – gets back & contests forcing bad shot (gets to spot, hands up!). Lilah & Isabella no box out. They score.

Position on D – Isabella comes to middle when ball on opposite side. Great help defense. Power of being in position.



Box Out. Rachel, that’s your box out. If we did, your teammate would easily get rebound. *If you box man, you OR teammate will get ball*


Attack and Spacing – Chiara beating her D. Once ahead ACCELERATE to the rim (x-over to middle/attack) then kick if needed. Isabella, draws in D – be in corner!
*Ema, way to get in and get physical on your man to get rebound. Gave us a 2nd chance to score.

Offensive Push – Excellent. Mia pushes ball w/eyes up & early pass. Helena good spot, then back to Mia (kept running & attacks). Helena then intercepts pass!

To the Bucket. Way to go Ella! Transition receives early pass. Ella sees opening and attacks ALL THE WAY to the rim for bucket.

Big Team D! Watch Brooke: Always on her, doesn’t let her move easy/makes contact. Mia solid position for big block & gets T/O. Everyone good position pays off!

More good team defense. See positioning. Opposit ball side defeners come to middle to support. Good hands/activity to force jump ball.

Break press – heads up! Way to get the ball up fast on breaking press. Great heads up Ella > Helena > Rachel, who goes straight for bucket.

Hands up on D.  Everyone, must have hands up on defense. Rachel, for sure a deflection/steal if your arms were already up.

4 Across Press Break. Remember (Rachel here) we want draw them close (foul line, show hands then blast). Mia >Brook> good quick. Not sure about pass to Helena but good speed and that’s the idea to break a press!


Great D – Brooke on ball & Rach on help (her man was not a threat – smart help on ball). Mia great initial box out on tall girl on that shot (keep her out don’t let up) then burst to rebound. Helena remember man first on box out for easy rebound.


BACK & FORTH SEQUENCE – Good D Creates Good Chances. Great effort diving for balls, getting back. Brooke, Mia. The work will pay off. Ella, Rach like the push! Together creating chances!


Help Defense? Mia, that’s yours. Get in front to block her path (reach won’t help). Great fast inbound to Rach > Ella creating great chance. Brooke, way to follow Ella’s shot and get another chance!


Transition off Rebound Rach way to win rebound & look up. Ella, be strong to rim (no slowing) – draw foul. Helena get to triple threat, don’t just dribble- be boss


Quick Decisions.  Chiara, nice shot! Off-play, but where you see a gap OK. Ema, great eyes to hit her quickly. That gives her time to square up and fire! Note to everyone. If you have an open shot like that, you take it. Square up, shoot. If you hesitate it disappears.


Offence?  Ema steal – great hands! After that no offence. After each pass (6 of them!) we stood still. Never works. Ends in tough shot. Let’s not waste the hard work on D. Next clip is how it ends.

Next possession, same group, “pass and nothing”. Turnover. Poor spacing. No cuts. Isabella pass from corner to top is too dangerous. This goes on with this group for several possessions.

See Ball on D.  Mia, Lilah, Chiara good D. Ema/Isabella: Running around often turning back and eyes from ball. Isabella, stop chasing man above 3pt line!

Offence! Mia great, fast Face Cut (front of D). Ema great pass to a spot she could get it, not D. Good things happen by moving after a pass! NOTICE on ball side Chiara stayed in corner (out of view) but that dragged her defender out. Chiara helped make that work just by being in position. On other side, Isabella NOT in corner…too close with Lilah. As we say in practice, corner means corner (not floating elsewhere until the motion calls for it or a shot goes up, then you explode to rebound).

Here’s another one but it doesn’t work. Mia, cuts, but see difference. No face cut. Also, Brooke is not in corner so brings her defender in. Doesn’t work. Must have spacing. Ella, proper motion, let’s work on being more explosive/faster with cuts. Keep defense on heels. You want to be a threat.

Defense Lilah, Mia working! See Mia BIG with arms up. At end Chiara alert on ball then leaves her man to help – stops driver! Our rebound.

Strong D. Ella working both on offensive & defensive side supporting the ball. Forcing jump balls. That’s strong, smart. Brooke strong on-ball D!

Defense. Mia in good position but upright, allows man to turn to basket easy. Be low, shuffle to cut off lane. Would not need to reach/foul.


Pressure. Chiara – early pressure, look for early pass. Mia eyes up to see options. Brooke and Ella not in 5 out pos’n= not spreading D.


Transition D. Ella break down without overcommitting. Rachel, good try getting to help. Try and cutoff with feet vs reach when possible.


O to D. Lilah – could drive right L right away (or rip, 1 dribble, shot) instead to traffic=T/O. Helena must run ahead & win pos’n. Chiara help D (see ball they’re driving to net).

PUSHING HARD/FAST – Ema, going fast to basket- no hesitation. Draws foul. Isabella, looks like you’re going into her. Follow for rebound from better angle.

D. No one with hands up. Ema gambling at top. Chiara good hands & quickly finds Ema. Ema great speed to rim. Isabella good job getting back but cut off driver on D (get position to avoid foul)

Good getting back on D but where’s boxing out? In transition Ema eyes up > open Rachel. Then keep running on cut for great chance.

YES Ema with up/active hands. Great – forces T/O & Brook good, quick pass up to Rach. Rach…retreat there no room.


Defensively, good work, be patient on getting rebound. Mia good work on their big being physical. Brooke good rebound, be patient/look.

Great team transition! Rachel great getting to ball on rebound & Ema gathering – WOW, great heads up pass Ema finding Mia to finish with bucket!

Use a move – Mia great speed, stay low & cross to middle for finish (don’t drift left).

Great heads up hard pass Mia to Ema with a great read – finds the gap and finishes.

Rachel nice shot! Look how it develops. Mia, passes, cuts…Rachel starts to fill (faster!) Brooke finds her for open shot. (Mia sees shot and positions for rebound – good!)

Good! Ella good position on D. T/O. Inbound OK, Mia/Brooke don’t crowd get space. Brooke good find & Ella goes strong to basket draws foul.


Great active hands up on D Rachel forcing T/O. Brooke way to keep on ball to find Helena for nice drive/bucket!

Defense. Chiara ok but force her to sideline, not get angle on you to the basket. Rachel where’s your help. Mia/Ella where’s the box out? They score.


Good read on weak pass Rachel to steal, take it all the way and draws foul.


Good D. Good readiness/hands Mia to get steal. Ema guarding too high (but we were trying to put pressure at end of game in this instance).

For tie! Rachel to come screen for Mia. Mia you look off (don’t give away). Rachel better screen and Mia wait for it. Good try Rach almost!

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