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At Annex Media, we advise that the keys to successful online marketing requires a focus on relevance, legitimacy, credibility and trustworthiness.

If you can genuinely market and deliver on these attributes, you’ll enjoy online success. Well, unfortunately online information delivers as much bad information as good advice. Bad information can steer you in the wrong direction costing you much time and money. This small list of links we feel are trustworthy sources of information. These are not Annex Media partners nor do we have any relationship or incentive to list them. Only sources we feel may provide educational and/or marketing value that might help you are included.

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Blogs and social marketing networks are a great way to cost effectively advertise your business online in addition to the search engines and top directories. With time an effort, you can gain an online presence. Ensuring your content-copy is optimized will be key to driving targeted visitors to your website.