Carm Maesano November 2008

“Finally, we’ve got our website. Looks great…everyone we’ve shown really likes it. Took way more time that we thought to get done but, ahhhh – pretty darn good.”

A few weeks later….

“What’s wrong with our website – we’re getting no visits. Why aren’t we in the search engine results? Our site looks better and our stuff is better than anyone else’s, so what’s going on?”

Launching a proper website is no small task, but the ultimate goal is to drive results. Whether it’s sales, awareness, sign-ups, etc…every website has a purpose and goals. You may have heard the terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and if you haven’t, a quick Google search can solve that. In sum, it’s internet marketing and it serves the purpose of attracting visitors to your site who want what you have, be it products or information.

Although having a website is a must, you must also have a concrete plan – an internet marketing strategy. The best internet marketing integrates with your overall business strategy and marketing plan – they go hand in hand. Back To Why You’re Getting No Visits…An Ecommerce Website, for Example. Some say, “You’re not getting any visits because launching a website is like launching your store in outer space; no one can find you!” Ok, but it’s more like this.

“Having a web site puts you on the largest, busiest street in the world where people are interested, even hungry for your offering and want it now!” The problem, though, is that you simply don’t have a sign. The challenge for any online business – large or small – is to put up the biggest, most visible sign so that you’re found among the sea of other advertisers and the competition. Right?

Kind of, but this would cost an absolute fortune and spending more than you’re making is hardly the goal. Putting the biggest sign up doesn’t have to cost a fortune because internet marketing allows you to virtually make and pay for your sign appear to those you want, when you want, where you want.

Internet Search Marketing & Relevance

The term relevance may be the single most important word in both SEO & SEM. For paid internet advertising, particularly search engine marketing, you can show your sign specifically and only:


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